Willows wags and whiskers

Terms and Conditions.

Willows Wags and Whiskers Terms and Conditions

  • All dogs and cats must be up to date with vaccinations i.e. Must have had a booster vaccination within the last twelve months. Proof of these vaccinations must be shown to staff on arrival at Willows.
  • For dogs the Kennel Cough vaccine is optional, if you opt to give the vaccine, it must be administered at least 14 days before checking in.
  • Willows has no vaccination requirements for rabbits and guinea pigs.
  • All animals must also be up to date with flea and worming treatments.
  • All animals must arrive in a safe manner ie dogs on leads and cats/small animals in carriers.
  • All dogs must wear a correctly fitting collar with an id tag- This is the law.
  • All animals must be healthy, in good condition and of pleasant disposition when arriving at Willows.
  • Animals and belongings are left at the owners risk. We endeavour to return all belongings however anything that has been destroyed (due to your pets behaviour) will be disposed of.
  • Willows does not allow owners into the kennels, this is to reduce stress to the dogs. You are welcome to view the kennels prior to your pets stay.
  • We do not allow drop off or collection of animals outside our opening times. Our opening times are set by the council and must be adhered to.
  • We will not accept any animal for boarding unless we have an emergency contact number. This is preferably someone in the UK (if the animals owners are abroad).
  • Willows requires a deposit of 20% of the total boarding fee on all booking. We accept cash, bank transfer or card payment. We do not accept cheques. All fees must be paid in full before any animal can be collected.
  • All dates originally booked must be paid for, no refunds will be given for early collection.
  • Willows accept no responsibility for an injuries that occur from animals sharing a kennel/pen. Only animals from the same household may share accommodation.
  • Walking of dogs is subject to the dogs temperament and ability. Dogs that are deemed to be a risk to staff (ie aggressive) will not be walked.
  • Off lead exercise is at staff discretion. This means that if staff feel that they will not catch a dog, it will remain on a lead or long line.
  • If any animal is aggressive, staff will make every effort to ensure that the animals basic needs are met but the animal will not leave its kennel/pen.
  • Willows reserves the right to refuse boarding to any animal it deems unsuitable ie aggressive or obviously ill.
  • Owners are liable for any damage inflicted on staff or property by their animal(s).
  • It is the owners responsibility to ensure that animals requiring medication have enough to last their entire stay. Willows are happy to administer medication providing animals are of a pleasant nature.
  • We supply Eukanuba kibble for dog and Iams for cats. We also provide food and hay for rabbits and guinea pigs. Owners are welcome to bring their own food if they wish. It is the owners responsibility to ensure the animal has enough food to last their stay. If an animals own food runs out, our stocked food will be given.
  • There is no reduction in fees for owners providing their own food.
  • Any animal not collected within 14 days of the collection date without contact with the owner will be re-homed.
  • If your animal falls ill whilst boarding, we reserve the right to call the vet and costs will be paid by then owner. Every effort will be made to contact the owner. If an animal was to pass away, we will not be held liable for death from illness or pre-existing conditions.